Curaçao with Kids – Ultimate Advice for Your Family Trip

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The dreamy long beaches, the turquoise sea, and the wide variety of activities make the Caribbean island a perfect vacation destination for the whole family. In Curaçao, your kids can frolic on the beach, watch cute turtles while snorkeling, and visit exciting museums. We will provide detailed tips on various excursion destinations and recommended activities for a successful family vacation in Curaçao with your kids below.

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Fascinating Cultural Activities in Curaçao with Kids

If you and your kids want a change from long beach days, a trip to the island’s capital can be highly recommended. It offers much to see, especially for older kids. If your kids are younger, Curaçao also has a special museum offering for kids. There is a lot to discover here too.

#1 for Curaçao with Kids: The Children’s Museum Curaçao

At the Children’s Museum Curaçao there are 17 exhibitions for kids to explore interactively. The Children’s Museum is an excellent choice for curious kids who want to learn something new in a fun way. The subject areas presented in the Children’s Museum include

  • Art,
  • Language,
  • Culture,
  • Mathematics,
  • Engineering,
  • and Science.

#2 for Curaçao with Kids: an exciting tour through Willemstad

A tour through the capital is particularly recommended for older kids. Here they can explore the most significant attractions of Curaçao. Particularly notable and popular are the Handelskade, the Queen Emma Bridge, and the neighborhoods of Punda and Otrabanda.

#3 for Curaçao with Kids: the Magical Hato Caves

A visit to the Hato Caves, a stalactite cave north of Willemstad, is also very popular with both young and old. The stalactite formations impress visitors, and the cave offers a popular cool retreat from the Caribbean sun. Admission for kids costs $7.90. Adults pay $9.90. A wonderful outing for families who, in addition to the beautiful beaches of Curaçao, want to experience more natural wonders.

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Active Adventures for Kids in Curaçao

If your kids want to really exert themselves, we have listed a few varied ideas below. Together with the entire family, you can compete in a game of mini golf. For curious kids interested in the underwater world, a diving course can be an absolute highlight.

Putters’ Paradise: Enjoy Mini Golfing in Willemstad

At Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei there is a beautifully designed mini golf course with numerous lanes. These will delight both your kids and you. From Wednesday to Sunday, you have the opportunity to play mini golf from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Kids under six years of age pay 5.25 ANG (approximately $2.90). For kids over six and adults, an entrance fee of 12.50 ANG (approximately $6.95) applies. Next to it, you will also find a well-equipped playground, which is also open daily from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Kids and adults pay 5.00 ANG per person (approximately $2.80).

If you get hungry in between or want to end the day at the mini golf course with a joint meal, the adjacent restaurant is also available.

Diving Courses for Kids: Discover the underwater world

The family-friendly Jan Thiel Beach offers a special program for kids at the adjacent diving school. There, they can participate in diving courses and get to know the underwater world. In addition to special courses just for kids, there is the PADI Open Water Course, which kids from the age of ten can participate in, provided an adult is present.

Recommended Beaches for Families with Kids

You can, of course, visit all the beaches in Curaçao with your kids. However, to ensure even the little ones enjoy their time, we have gathered information on some beaches that are considered particularly kids-friendly.

#1 Beach for Curaçao with Kids: Playa Lagun

When you are in Curaçao with your kids, we recommend making a trip to Playa Lagun. Shade-providing trees are scattered around the bay, protecting you and your kids from the intense sun. The waves at this idyllic beach are comparatively gentle and ensure safe splashing fun in the sea, while parents can relax.

Despite being a smaller beach in Curaçao, it is well-equipped. In addition to numerous loungers, you will find sanitary facilities and can buy cool drinks and small snacks at the beach locale.

#2 Beach for Curaçao with Kids: Mambo Beach

In the eastern part of the island, you’ll find the popular Mambo Beach. This beach is especially popular among kids because of the small playground located nearby. Moreover, the beach is equipped with toilets, showers, and changing facilities, which is particularly convenient for families with younger kids.

For a small snack in between, you’ll find numerous restaurants along the adjacent promenade offering a wide variety of options. Surely there’s a suitable menu for your kids as well.

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#3 More Great Beaches in Curaçao for Kids

You can, of course, visit all other beaches on the island with your kids. However, to protect their sensitive skin, it’s particularly important to prepare appropriately to ensure adequate shade and hydration. Not every beach in Curaçao offers shady spots or beach bars with cool drinks.

Therefore, it is advisable to pack sunscreen* with a high SPF, a shade-providing beach tent*, and a foldable cooler* for brought-along beverages.

To keep the fun going after splashing in the water, we have compiled some recommended products that will entertain your kids even during a longer stay at the beach.

  • A waterproof UNO card game*, so the kids can enjoy it longer.
  • A sand toy set*, including a shovel, bucket, and molds, so the little ones can build fantastic sandcastles.
  • A small water bouncing ball*, which delights both kids and adults alike.
  • A great throw and catch game* for active kids.
  • A snorkel set*, to explore the fascinating underwater world.

For further recommendations regarding your stay in Curaçao, we warmly invite you to take a look at our other posts. In addition to valuable details about the most important attractions, you will also learn about which animals are native to Curaçao. Additionally, you will find out which restaurants we highly recommend and what to consider when booking your car rental.

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