Playa Lagun in Curaçao: Your Perfect Place of Relaxation by the Sea

Two colorful boats stand on the edge of Playa Lagun in Curaçao. The turquoise sea can be seen in the background.

Turquoise seawater, fine sand, and a vast view of the ocean—that’s what you find at Playa Lagun in Curaçao. The beach is named after the coastal village of Lagun, located on the island’s west side. It is known for its calm and crystal-clear waters, which is why Playa Lagun is especially popular with divers.

Large rock cliffs enclose the beach on both sides. These cliffs are densely covered with corals and provide a home for numerous marine inhabitants. A dive here is therefore highly recommended — and even while snorkeling, you are likely to encounter seahorses, large schools of fish, or turtles.

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Meet Turtles in their Natural Habitat

Not only is Playa Lagun in Curaçao popular with tourists and divers, but locals and fishermen also frequent this spot. This, in turn, attracts sea turtles who often linger here, waiting to snatch some snacks from the fishing nets.

If you encounter a turtle while swimming or diving, make sure to observe it from a sufficient distance. Do not touch them or get too close. You can also protect them and their habitat by ensuring proper disposal of your plastic waste at the beach. If trash ends up in the sea, turtles often mistake it for food and ingest it, which can have fatal consequences. If you want to see the turtles in their natural environment, you should behave respectfully and keep your distance.

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Discover the Depths: Diving Adventures at Playa Lagun in Curaçao

Playa Lagun is far enough away from Willemstad — hence, there is no disturbance from the influx of cruise ships. This is also why the beach is considered one of the best diving spots on the island. The local dive shop offers not only trial dives but also guided dive tours. Here you can get the proper equipment for your upcoming dive. However, you can also bring your own gear and start exploring the underwater world right away.

The shoreline hosts a variety of colorful coral reefs and marine life. You are likely to encounter schools of tropical fish and probably some sea turtles. If you are lucky, you might even find seahorses during your exploration.

If you enjoy diving at Playa Lagun, you might also want to consider a trip to the Blue Room in Curaçao. This underwater cave is known for its particularly fascinating underwater landscape. When sunlight hits the water surface, the water appears intensely blue — a unique diving experience.

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Your Path to Paradise: Navigating Your Way to Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun is about 30 minutes by car from Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao. The beach is most easily accessed by car. Simply follow the main road towards Westpunt. The beach is well-signposted, so you should have no trouble finding it.

You do not have to pay an entry fee to access the beach. Playa Lagun is publicly accessible. If needed, you can rent a lounge chair for a small fee, or you can bring your own beach mat and enjoy the soft sand while sunbathing.

Essentials for Your Beach Bag:

To enjoy several days at one of the beautiful beaches on your trip, you will find a list of our tips for your beach bag below.

➤ Skin-friendly, non-greasy sunscreen*
The Caribbean sun is deceitful – it’s best to choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 50+.

➤ Compact microfiber towel*
It not only dries super fast but also folds up tiny to take up as little space as possible in your suitcase.

➤ Durable underwater camera* for memorable vacation photos
With a bit of luck and photographic skill, you’ll soon have great photos of turtles and clownfish.

➤ Sand toys* for your kids
To keep boredom at bay during long beach days.

➤ Frisbee* for sports enthusiasts
If you’re one who doesn’t want to just lie on the beach all day, a space-saving frisbee might be just the thing for you!

➤ Snorkel set*
So you can calmly observe the colorful fish and cute sea turtles.

➤ A waterproof phone case*,
to protect your smartphone from moisture: especially cool for boat tours or jet-ski excursions!

Playa Lagun: Ideal for a Full Day’s Stay

Despite its natural setting, the beach has the necessary infrastructure to support staying for a full day:

  • Sunshades and beach chairs
  • Nearby parking
  • Food and beverages
  • Toilets
  • A restaurant next to the beach
  • Bars in close proximity

For families with young children, Playa Lagun is highly suitable — shade is always available, and all-day catering is secured. In the shallow waters, kids can frolic and build sandcastles in the white sand.

If you’re not one to stay in one place all day and just relax during your vacation, take the opportunity to go hiking nearby before cooling off in the turquoise waters at Playa Lagun in Curaçao.

Two people sit on the sand at Playa Lagun and watch the sunset and the sea.
Numerous vacationers swim in the crystal-clear sea at Playa Lagun.

Bahia Beach Bar: Cocktails with a View of the Sea

Next to Playa Lagun is the Bahia Beach Bar — a small restaurant that is open daily and offers a nice selection of food and drinks at fair prices. Here you can enjoy international dishes of good quality. There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus available. You can also enjoy traditional Curaçao cuisine here.

From the wooden terrace, you have a perfect view of the beach bay. This way, you can perfectly end your beach day with a cocktail in hand. Island connoisseurs claim that one of the most beautiful sunsets can be seen here at Playa Lagun.

Conclusion: Playa Lagun in Curaçao is a Paradisiacal Retreat

Playa Lagun is an idyllic beach that enchants with its turquoise waters, fine sand, and expansive ocean views. Popular among divers, it hosts a rich underwater world that provides a habitat for many marine inhabitants. In addition to its natural charm, Playa Lagun in Curaçao has all the essentials for spending an entire beach day. It offers an ideal spot for both families and solo travelers. Curaçao still has many other beautiful beaches worth exploring.

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