Blue Room Curaçao: A Magical Underwater World

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For diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, a visit to the “Blue Room” in Curaçao is a highly recommended excursion — a cave on the coast known as the “Blue Room Cave.” The impressive cave is accessible only through an entrance in the water.

To reach it, you must either take a boat or hike part of the way, then jump into the water and swim or dive into the cave. We will explain what makes the Blue Room Cave special, how to get there, and which tour we recommend.

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Natural Spectacle at the Blue Room in Curaçao

The Blue Room Cave got its name from the radiant blue color of the water. The interplay of water and sunlight causes the water to appear almost unnaturally blue when you are inside the cave, due to the reflection of sunlight in the sea. Therefore, the cave is also a popular subject for photographers.

Besides the cave itself, the surrounding underwater world is breathtakingly beautiful. Near the cave entrance, you will find colorful corals, pretty fish, and numerous other sea creatures to admire.

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The Blue Room is the largest water cave in Curaçao. It is a limestone cave formed over several centuries through the deposition of limestone.

Acid rain erodes the limestone, causing the stone to dissolve in places. This acid rain forms when rainwater reacts with carbon dioxide in the air. This, in turn, leads to the formation of underground caves. Pretty impressive, right?

Reaching the Blue Room in Curaçao by Foot

The Blue Room in Curaçao is located in the northwest of the Caribbean island, between Boka Hulu and Playa Santa Cruz. If you prefer to walk to the Blue Room Cave, it’s advisable to start at Playa Santa Cruz. From there, you’ll reach Playa Santa Petru after about five minutes of walking. Another 10-minute walk from there will take you to a small fork in the road, where you’ll also find signage directing you to the noteworthy cave.

From there, it’s about another five minutes of walking. The total walking time from Playa Santa Cruz to the Blue Room on Curaçao is therefore about 20 minutes. This can be quite strenuous in the high temperatures. Therefore, be sure to wear adequate sun protection and stay well-hydrated.

But: The effort is worth it, and you will be rewarded with a phenomenal natural wonder. To actually enter the cave, you must go into the sea. Only from there is there an entrance, which you’ll see once you are in the water. Depending on the current water level, you might need to dive or snorkel a short distance to enter the Blue Room Cave.

After diving a short distance beneath the rocky entrance, you will enter an air-filled space from where you can marvel at the impressively radiant blue of the sea.

Thrilling Boat Tour to the Blue Room in Curaçao

Instead of choosing to walk, you could opt for a boat tour. Numerous providers offer a selection of excursions to the Blue Room Cave, often combined with visits to other beaches and attractions.

On the Snorkeling Tour by Adventure Tours Curacao, you start at the cruise port dock and embark on the boat. The first stop on the tour is the Blue Room Cave. The necessary snorkeling equipment, which maximizes your experience, is provided on the tour. After you’ve had some time to explore the cave on your own, you join the group for a visit to a nearby beach where you have time to relax and unwind.

Drinks, snacks, and lunch are provided. Naturally, you can also bring your own or buy something at the beach restaurant. While cruising along the coast, you also have the opportunity to admire the unique natural landscape of the island.

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Conclusion: Deluxe Snorkeling Experience in the Blue Room in Curaçao

As you can see, the Blue Room Cave is an absolute must-visit during your vacation in Curaçao. A visit to the Blue Room Cave is not just a journey into a fascinating underwater world, but also a showcase of the uniqueness and beauty of nature in a special way.

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