Curaçao Excursions: Dive into Unforgettable Adventures

Symbolbild "Curaçao Ausflüge": Aussicht auf die Königin-Emma-Brücke und die Handelskade in Willemstad

For a fabulous stay in Curaçao, the island offers numerous excursions you can book. Many attractions, such as some beaches or the historic old town, can even be visited for free.

For various types of vacationers, Curaçao offers exciting excursion ideas. Whether you are planning an active holiday, want a relaxing time, or are mainly interested in the cultural offerings of this Caribbean island – the possibilities are so diverse that there will surely be great excursions and ideas for you. Naturally, you can also combine different activities. For families with children, there are numerous child-friendly offers that make a vacation in Curaçao an unforgettable experience.

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Unforgettable Curaçao Excursions for First-Time Adventurers

If you are planning your first Curaçao Excursion, a day tour across the island might be very helpful for getting an initial overview. During the tour, you’ll pass by the island’s capital and see first attractions, such as the Scharloo District.

As you cross the Queen Juliana Bridge, which connects the Otrobanda and Punda districts, you’ll also get a fantastic view of both districts and the turquoise water.

During a stop in Punda, you’ll have the opportunity to stroll through the narrow alleys and browse the numerous shops. Then, a one-hour stay at Kokomo Beach, one of the island’s many beautiful beaches, will allow you to relax and enjoy the sound of the sea. The tour concludes with a visit to a viewpoint, from which you will have an excellent view of Willemstad.

Experience the Best: Curaçao Excursions for Beach Lovers

We would like to introduce you to three highly recommended beaches, which not only invite you to relax but also offer brilliant opportunities for various sports activities.

Whether you are looking for idyllic sandy beaches, breathtaking snorkeling areas, or cozy beachside eateries – Curaçao definitely has the perfect beach to make your vacation on the island an unforgettable experience.

Playa Porto Mari: Where Cute Pigs Add Extra Fun to Your Beach Day

About 13,045 miles from the island’s capital is Playa Porto Mari, known for its two charming little pigs that reside on the beach. They enjoy lounging in the sun and, just like the vacationers, the tranquility of the beach.

The white sand and crystal-clear water make Playa Porto Mari an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. Additionally, a nearby eatery offers a delicious gastronomic selection with a variety of tasty dishes. This is why thie excursion to the beach in Curaçao is an absolute must during your visit.

Curaçao’s Must-See: Trip to Grote Knip

In the northwestern part of the island, you’ll find Grote Knip Beach, also known as Playa Kenepa Grandi. You might already be familiar with this beach, as it is a very popular motif for photographs and often featured on postcards.

Playa Kenepa Grandi stands out for its unspoiled surroundings, crystal-clear water, and popularity among both locals and tourists. The spectacular coral reef nearby also makes it a hotspot for divers and is excellent for snorkeling.

Secret Tip: The Playa Grandi

If you’re up for a snorkeling adventure, Playa Grandi is the perfect spot for you. Along with the pretty coral reef, you can almost certainly spot several sea turtles while snorkeling. Unlike many other beaches on the island, Playa Grandi is much less crowded, as it is relatively unknown.

If you’re interested in valuable advice on top-notch beaches in Curaçao, feel free to check out our informative post about the dreamy coastlines of the Caribbean island. There you will find not only brief descriptions of the individual beaches but also detailed information about their facilities and any entry fees.

Turtle under water at Playa Grandi

Curaçao Excursions for Ambitious Culture Enthusiasts

The historic old town of the island has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 and is known for the Handelskade with its colorful facades. Walking through the winding alleys of the various districts, you not only experience a unique atmosphere but also gain interesting insights into Curaçao’s past. The Kurá Hulanda District is particularly recommended, where you will find great street art. Alongside various restaurants, there are primarily galleries, studios, and various museums.

You can see the colorful facade of the Handelskade in Willemstad.

Your vacation in Curaçao should definitely include a visit to the Kurá Hulanda Museum, located in the Kurá Hulanda District adjacent to Willemstad’s harbor, which deals with the grim past of Curaçao, the transatlantic slave trade between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Active in Curaçao – Excursions for Sports Fanatics

If you are interested in the nature of Curaçao, we can highly recommend an excursion to one of the two national parks. While the Shete Boka National Park is especially known for its beautiful bays, the Christoffel National Park is perfect for an extensive hiking excursion.

For adrenaline junkies, an ATV tour through the east of Cura might be a recommendable excursion. In groups of up to 20 people, you ride over off-road paths and get to know the flora and fauna of the island. You’ll be rewarded with a visit to a viewpoint that offers a breathtaking view over the island.

Another excursion tip are the climbing tours on Table Mountain. Accompanied by a professional guide, even beginners have the opportunity for a unique climbing experience. During this, you’ll receive a magnificent view of the island’s flora and fauna. Climbing equipment, including a helmet, rope, chalk, and harness, is naturally provided by the tour provider. Additionally, you’ll receive a thorough briefing.

Curaçao’s Ultimate Water Excursions Await

Visitors who consider the sea their second home will also find their needs met in Curaçao. On the island, you can engage in numerous water activities, whether it’s a relaxing snorkeling tour or an adrenaline-pumping jet ski excursion.

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Right on the beach, you have the opportunity to snorkel or dive on your own. A snorkeling excursion with professional guides is particularly advisable if you want to visit several spots in one day. During about five hours, you’ll snorkel in the open sea, visit Tugboat Beach (where you can see a shipwreck just a few feet below the water surface), and Caracas Bay. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a delicious barbecue and refreshing drinks during the trip.

If you want to venture into deeper waters, the Caribbean island has plenty to offer. Numerous dive schools on the island offer guided tours. It doesn’t matter whether you are an interested newbie or have already gained experience in diving.

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Alternatively, you can opt for a guided kayak tour. On this approximately two-hour excursion with a local tour guide, you paddle along the Caribbean coast and can admire some sights, such as the ruins of Fort Beekenburg, from the water. You also make a stop at Tugboat – the sunken shipwreck that you can explore on your own.

From the viewpoint at Fort Beekenburg, you have an excellent view of the coast and the sea of Curaçao.

For vacationers looking for a real adrenaline rush, a guided jet ski tour is recommended. At the same time, during the excursions near Willemstad and the Spanish Waters, you have the opportunity to admire some sights while speeding over the water. If you are interested in quieter areas, you can also explore secluded beaches in the west of the island by jet ski.

Symbolic image "Curaçao Excursions": You see the exciting Spanish Waters in Curaçao. Many boats sail in the sea.

If you enjoy being on the water but also seek relaxation and sociability, boat tours are highly recommended.

With various providers, there are also numerous different tours that you can book. Particularly popular are, for example, boat trips to Klein Curaçao. In addition to a comprehensive breakfast and lunch on the boat, you can also use the snorkeling equipment.

This gives you the opportunity to explore not only the sights of Curaçao’s sister island but also the stunning underwater world.

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A less action-packed water activity is the visit to the Tiki Boats in the Spanish Waters. You can rent these together with your loved ones and enjoy a cozy BBQ right on the water.

You can also move around on the water with the Tiki Boats, no boat license is required. During your excursion, you have an excellent view of the nature on the eastern side of the island.

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Family-Friendly Curaçao Excursions for Endless Fun

Curaçao also offers great excursions and activities for families with children, providing unforgettable shared moments. Look forward to child-friendly beaches, exciting playgrounds, and educational museums.

The Mambo Beach in the east of Curaçao is very well-known and extraordinarily popular due to its long promenade. Especially handy for families, particularly with smaller children, are the available toilets, showers, and changing rooms. The food is also well catered for, as numerous restaurants are located along the promenade. The adjacent playground right on the beach meanwhile invites the little ones to frolic.

The Playa Lagun is a wonderful beach that is lined with trees at the back, providing shade so you and your children are not exposed to the scorching sun.

Moreover, the waves at Playa Lagun are relatively low, making it an ideal location for families with children. The kids can safely splash around in the water while you enjoy the idyllic atmosphere and the peace of the surroundings.

Essentials for Your Beach Bag:

To enjoy several days at one of the beautiful beaches on your trip, you will find a list of our tips for your beach bag below.

➤ Skin-friendly, non-greasy sunscreen*
The Caribbean sun is deceitful – it’s best to choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 50+.

➤ Compact microfiber towel*
It not only dries super fast but also folds up tiny to take up as little space as possible in your suitcase.

➤ Durable underwater camera* for memorable vacation photos
With a bit of luck and photographic skill, you’ll soon have great photos of turtles and clownfish.

➤ Sand toys* for your kids
To keep boredom at bay during long beach days.

➤ Frisbee* for sports enthusiasts
If you’re one who doesn’t want to just lie on the beach all day, a space-saving frisbee might be just the thing for you!

➤ Snorkel set*
So you can calmly observe the colorful fish and cute sea turtles.

➤ A waterproof phone case*,
to protect your smartphone from moisture: especially cool for boat tours or jet-ski excursions!

The Children’s Museum Curaçao captivates with child-friendly offerings. Equipped with both indoor and outdoor areas, the museum features a total of 17 interactive exhibits.

Here, your children have the opportunity to playfully acquire new knowledge in the fields of technology, art, culture, mathematics, science, and language. If they want to let off steam and frolic after the educational museum visit, a visit to the adjacent playground is advisable.

If you are interested in more tips about your stay in Curaçao, feel free to browse through our guide. In addition to information about the main attractions, you will also learn, for example, which travel time is particularly recommended for a vacation in Curaçao, and what the sister island Klein Curaçao has to offer.

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