Curaçao Snorkeling: Discover the 6 Best Spots

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Curaçao, an island in the heart of the Caribbean, is a popular destination for snorkeling enthusiasts eager to explore the fascinating marine life. In this post, we present some popular coastal areas and impressive snorkeling spots on the Caribbean island.

While snorkeling in Curaçao, you can observe exotic marine life and charming sea turtles. Colorful coral reefs and sunken shipwrecks await your admiration. For avid snorkelers who prefer a guided experience, there are various tours around the island offered by different providers. This gives everyone the chance to experience the fascinating underwater world of Curaçao up close.

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When is the best time for snorkeling in Curaçao?

In Curaçao, the water temperature is consistently 77 °F  to 82.4 °F throughout the year, providing optimal conditions for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, as the water is neither too warm nor too cold.

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The months of November and December have slightly more rainy days compared to other times, so it’s best to visit Curaçao between January and October. However, even if you plan a trip in November or December, you will certainly experience some great days with good snorkeling weather. Search FlightsImage

Where can I snorkel in Curaçao?

For travelers interested in the underwater world, the island offers numerous beautiful snorkeling spots. Impressive reefs with colorful corals and a variety of fish species are found around Curaçao.

The snorkeling areas are easily accessible via the shallow waters at the beach. Below, we have compiled some of the most beautiful places in Curaçao that you should definitely visit for a unique snorkeling experience.

Spot #1 – Curaçao Snorkeling: Playa Piscadó

The Playa Piscadó, also known as Playa Grandi, is distinguished by the abundance of sea turtles that inhabit it. The access to the water is somewhat rocky, but the slightly stony path is worth it: you are rewarded with excellent visibility. The sea is crystal clear and there is an almost certain chance to observe cute little turtles. With some luck, you may also see other special marine life, such as seahorses or moray eels.

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Spot #2 – Curaçao Snorkeling: Caracasbaai

In the southwest of the Caribbean island, about 5 miles from Willemstad, is Caracasbaai. The water, sparkling in the sun, is crystal clear and thus a popular spot for snorkeling among both tourists and locals. Due to the pebbly access, we recommend bringing special swimming shoes*. Caracas Bay is also popular among sports enthusiasts who enjoy kiting, windsurfing, or sailing.

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Spot #3 – Curaçao Snorkeling: Tugboat Beach

To the east of Caracasbaai, you’ll find Tugboat Beach. At a depth of 16.4 feet, the eponymous Tugboat is located. This is an old shipwreck that sank over 25 years ago and has since lain on the seabed. Today, the old tugboat is one of the most famous destinations for divers in Curaçao. Around the sunken ship, numerous marine inhabitants make their home. At this site, you might see crabs, sea turtles, anemone fish, and seahorses in an extraordinary environment.

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Spot #4 – Curaçao Snorkeling: The Valley

The double reef named “The Valley” is located close to the Playa Porto Mari. To fully explore the large reef, we recommend visiting the beach more than once. Because of the size of the reef, many fish species are found there.

However, the double reef is relatively far out and therefore more frequented by divers. But even near the beach, you can already observe various colorful fish. Directly in front of the beach, some concrete blocks have been submerged, on which numerous corals have settled.

Spot #5 – Curaçao Snorkeling: Playa Kalki

Playa Kalki is also a popular cove for snorkeling. For a comfortable entry into the sea, there is an installed platform. Otherwise, the transition from the beach to the water is rather pebbly. Nonetheless, Playa Kalki is definitely worth a visit if you want to experience a breathtaking underwater world. You can discover many schools of exotic fish, cute turtles, and caverns at several meters depth, though you will need diving equipment for the latter.

Spot #6 – Curaçao Snorkeling: Kleine Knip

Close to the Kleine Knip beach, a beautiful coral reef is located. For this reason, the Playa Kenepa Chiki, another name for Kleine Knip Beach, is equally popular among snorkeling enthusiasts, both tourists and locals. The sea in the cove is crystal clear, calm, and at a pleasant temperature – absolutely perfect for snorkeling and relaxing.

Curious About Snorkeling Tours in Curaçao?

If you’re not yet confident snorkeling alone, prefer professional guidance, or simply want to explore multiple spots in one day, we recommend taking a snorkeling tour in Curaçao.

For nature enthusiasts, a half-day excursion with multiple stops is ideal. You’ll first journey with your group by Jeep through Shete Boca National Park. From there, you’ll visit Knip Beach, Playa Grandi, and Cas Abo Beach. Snorkeling gear will be provided, and if interested, you can also opt for a delicious lunch at Cas Abo Beach.

Experience an action-packed adventure with a snorkeling tour using a Seabob. With the Seabob’s electric propulsion, you can cover longer distances in a short amount of time while observing the magical underwater world.

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What equipment do I need for snorkeling?

At some beaches in Curaçao, there are dive schools where you can rent snorkeling equipment. However, if you want to snorkel at a more secluded beach or prefer to use your own equipment for hygiene reasons, for example, it makes sense to take care of your own gear beforehand. Therefore, we recommend packing the following items in your travel suitcase.

Diving goggles*, so you can watch the colorful underwater world.

A snorkel* with a soft mouthpiece to ensure you always get fresh air when your face is in the water.

Alternatively: a full-face snorkeling mask*, which allows you to breathe through both your nose and mouth.

Swim fins*, to help you move faster in the water.

An underwater camera* to capture your special snorkeling experience for eternity.

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