Kleine Knip in Curaçao – Caribbean Bay with Unique Flair

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The Kleine Knip, also known as “Kenepa Chiki,” is a small, less touristy beach located in the northwest of Curaçao. The bay is about 42 kilometers from the island’s capital Willemstad, near Lagún and Westpunt.

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Location and Facilities at Kleine Knip

You can reach Kleine Knip beach by car and have the option to park on a large parking lot nearby. From Willemstad, you should plan for a drive of about 50 minutes.

At the beach itself, several shade-providing trees grow where you can spread your towel. You also have the option to rent umbrellas and lounge chairs to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. While there is a small kiosk on the beach, we recommend bringing sufficient provisions so you are independent of opening hours. There are no toilets, showers, or changing facilities at Kleine Knip.

If you place great value on well-equipped sanitary facilities, we recommend taking a look at our article about the numerous beautiful beaches in Curaçao. There, we provide helpful information about the facilities, location, and prices of each beach.

Tip: In close proximity to Kleine Knip is Playa Kenepa Grandi, also known as Grote Knip. This beach with crystal-clear water is a popular photography spot, perhaps one you’ve seen on a postcard. Islanders and tourists alike regard the beach as one of the most beautiful in Curaçao.

Snorkeling Paradise at Kleine Knip: Discover the Underwater Wonders

Even if you’re seeking an unforgettable snorkeling experience, a visit to Kleine Knip is a must. The water in the bay boasts breathtaking clarity and is generally very calm, making it an excellent spot for snorkeling and immersing yourself in the beauty of the underwater world.

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Especially the cliffs surrounding the bay are a hotspot for snorkel enthusiasts. Keep your eyes peeled and let yourself be surprised by the diversity of marine life. With a bit of luck, you can encounter adorable sea turtles, impressive manta rays, small clownfish, majestic seahorses, and numerous other animals.

To capture these magical moments, we recommend bringing an waterproof camera*. This way, you can capture the underwater action in stunning pictures to share these memories with your loved ones and to add to your photo album after your unforgettable vacation.

Essentials for Your Beach Bag:

To enjoy several days at one of the beautiful beaches on your trip, you will find a list of our tips for your beach bag below.

➤ Skin-friendly, non-greasy sunscreen*
The Caribbean sun is deceitful – it’s best to choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 50+.

➤ Compact microfiber towel*
It not only dries super fast but also folds up tiny to take up as little space as possible in your suitcase.

➤ Durable underwater camera* for memorable vacation photos
With a bit of luck and photographic skill, you’ll soon have great photos of turtles and clownfish.

➤ Sand toys* for your kids
To keep boredom at bay during long beach days.

➤ Frisbee* for sports enthusiasts
If you’re one who doesn’t want to just lie on the beach all day, a space-saving frisbee might be just the thing for you!

➤ Snorkel set*
So you can calmly observe the colorful fish and cute sea turtles.

➤ A waterproof phone case*,
to protect your smartphone from moisture: especially cool for boat tours or jet-ski excursions!

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