Discovering Klein Curaçao: The Ultimate Day Escape

Sandiger Weg der zum pinken Leuchtturm auf Klein Curaçao führt. Neben dem Leuchtturm sind zwei alte Gebäude zu sehen. Der Himmel ist blau, aber leicht bewölkt.

About 15,53 miles from the southeastern edge of Curaçao’s coast lies the sister island Klein Curaçao, right in the middle of the Caribbean. The uninhabited island is a true highlight and should definitely be part of your travel checklist for Curaçao. Besides the long white sandy beach, Klein Curaçao also has a few other attractions to offer.

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How do I get to Klein Curaçao?

The only way to visit Klein Curaçao is by boat trip. Depending on the provider you choose and where the docking point is, the trip to the small island takes one to two hours.

We have compiled a selection of recommended tours below.

On many boat tours, tourists have access to a well-equipped bar to enjoy refreshing drinks during their journey. Additionally, a diverse selection of delicious food is provided on most boats to pamper guests throughout their trip.

Speedboat to Klein Curaçao – with Powerboat Caribbean

For sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, a motorboat tour to the small Caribbean island is recommended. Traveling at about 70 km/h, you’ll speed across the sea. Upon arrival, you have four hours to explore the island. Alcoholic beverages like wine and beer are provided, along with mineral water. A special highlight is the delicious lunch served right on the beach. With a small travel group of 18 people, you can expect a price of about $215.00 per person.

Relaxed yacht trip to Klein Curaçao – with Adventure Tours Curaçao

If you want to enjoy a relaxed boat tour to Curaçao the trip with a yacht is suitable for you. After about an hour, you reach the small island and are served an extensive breakfast and BBQ at lunchtime. On site, you have about five hours to explore attractions, such as the lighthouse. If you’re interested in exploring the unique underwater world of Klein Curaçao, free snorkeling equipment is also provided. With a bit of luck, you might spot small turtles and coral reefs. The tour costs about $108.00 per person.

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Klein Curaçao with Irie Tours: Party on a catamaran!

The Adventure Day Trip to Klein Curaçao is aimed at those who prefer a mix of party and sporting activities. After a two-hour journey on a catamaran (including party, alcohol, and loud music), you reach the island and have about five hours for swimming, snorkeling, and exploring the great island spots. Snorkeling equipment is provided by the tour provider. In addition to breakfast, a delicious lunch is also served. Prices vary depending on the month, but are usually around $123.50 per person. The travel group will consist of no more than 60 people.

Hidden Gems of Klein Curaçao: Discovering its Attractions!

Although Klein Curaçao, with an area of about 0,66 square miles, is quite manageable, the beautiful island still has several exciting attractions to offer.

The pink lighthouse is located in the middle of the island, so you will spot its peak from the boat. However, the lighthouse is also part of a gruesome past of the island. While Klein Curaçao is now considered a true paradise with spectacular underwater caves and coral reefs, until the 18th century, it served as a quarantine island for slaves. If slaves became ill during the voyage, they had to isolate themselves on the small island before being brought to Curaçao. Those who died from their illnesses never left Klein Curaçao, which is why numerous graves can still be found in the south of the island today.

Due to the heavy ship traffic, there have been numerous shipwrecks off Klein Curaçao over the centuries. Especially famous is the wreck of an oil tanker named “Maria Bianca Guidesman”, which was wrecked off the coast in the 1980s. Since then, the weather has been decomposing the shipwreck, providing a spectacular sight, which is why it is also a popular photo opportunity for tourists.

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Crystal Clear: Why You Can’t Miss a Day Trip to Klein Curaçao!

Whether you are interested in culture, a water sports enthusiast, a family, or a party vacationer – a trip to Klein Curaçao is a highlight of any Curaçao trip and should not be missing from your bucket list.

Simply decide whether you want to arrive in Klein Curaçao relaxed with a large yacht, race across the sea on a speedboat, or dance and party during a catamaran ride – and you will find the right tour provider for you. We wish you a lot of fun snorkeling, taking photos, and sunbathing!

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