Curaçao Surfing Spots: Experience the Endless Waves

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Curaçao is undoubtedly a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, and it’s no secret. Year after year, this Caribbean island attracts numerous travelers from around the world to its shores. Here you will find not only excellent conditions for snorkeling, swimming, and diving but also ideal conditions for avid surfers.

Whether you prefer traditional wave surfing or are interested in wind or kite surfing, you will find numerous spots around the island that we will introduce in this article. Additionally, you will learn which season is especially recommended for surfing in Curaçao.

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Ride the Waves: Discover Curaçao’s Top Surfing Hotspots

Curaçao is a true eldorado for surfers. To give you an overview of the most popular and exciting surf spots before your trip, we have compiled a selection of the best places.

Whether you are an absolute beginner, have some experience, or consider yourself a surfing pro, in Curaçao you will definitely find the right spots. Remember that the choice of the perfect surf spot also depends on which surf discipline you practice.

#1 Curaçao Surfing: St. Joris Bay

St. Joris Bay is located not far from the island’s capital and is a hotspot for both kite and windsurfers alike. This is mainly due to the usually very strong wind, especially around midday. As the winds diminish and the waves flatten out, this spot is suitable not only for experienced surfers and pros but also for beginners.

Symbolic image “Curaçao surfing”: A kitesurfer surfs on the ocean.
Symbolic image “Curaçao Surfing”: A windsurfer stands on her board in the middle of the sea.

If you want to start learning kitesurfing from scratch, a visit to Nix Kiteboarding Kitesurfing School Curaçao at St. Joris Bay is a great option. There, you can learn the basics in beginner courses to safely navigate the waves on your board. If you already have some experience, you can also sign up for an advanced course to learn cool new tricks.

Another kitesurfing school at St. Joris Bay is Awa Salu Kiteboarding Curaçao. This is the place to go if you are interested in longer courses lasting up to seven days or if you are traveling with children who want to learn kitesurfing.

#2 Curaçao Surfing: Playa Kanoa

Located north of Willemstad, Playa Kanoa is one of the trendiest surf spots on the island. Unlike St. Joris Bay, Playa Kanoa is mainly popular with advanced and very experienced surfers. With its comparatively high waves, both classic surfers as well as wind and kite surfers can expect plenty of action.

Note: The drive to Playa Kanoa can be somewhat bumpy, as the road is full of small and large potholes. Therefore, we recommend driving carefully or alternatively choosing a robust rental car like a Jeep. At the same time, a larger car provides enough space for your surfboard and other equipment.

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#3 Curaçao Surfing: Klein Curaçao

If you want to enjoy absolute peace during your surf session, a trip to Klein Curaçao might be a good idea. This secluded island is located about 15,5 miles southeast of Curaçao. Depending on the route and type of boat, the crossing takes between 60 and 90 minutes. Due to the strong winds around the small island, the waves can be quite high, therefore this surf spot is only recommended for experienced surfers.

#4 Curaçao Surfing: Spanish Water

The last surf spot in Curaçao we would like to introduce today is the Spaanse Water Lagoon, also known as “Spanish Water”. The bay, located east of the popular Jan Thiel Beach, is popular with both wind and kite surfers. Due to the easily accessible water and the fact that there are several surf schools on site, it is an especially good place for beginners.

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Surfing in Curaçao at the Best Travel Time

Basically, the Caribbean island is a popular travel destination all year round with fairly stable weather conditions. However, a stay between May and December is recommended for an optimal surfing experience. As an “island below the wind,” Curaçao is not directly affected by hurricanes, but the trade winds are a bit stronger at this time, so you can expect higher waves.

Conclusion: Surfing Made Easy in Curaçao

If you want to surf in Curaçao, you will find numerous breathtaking surf spots, regardless of your experience level. Thanks to the wide selection of surf schools spread across the island, you can have loads of fun even as a complete beginner without any prior knowledge. From the gentle waves of the Spaanse Water Lagoon to the challenging conditions on Klein Curaçao — everyone can find something to their liking here.

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