Is Curaçao Safe?

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Overall, Curaçao is considered very safe. The level of safety is comparable to that of an average large city. Therefore, it is also advisable in Curaçao to keep an eye on your valuables in crowded places.

Pickpockets often take advantage of the situation here to disappear quickly and unnoticed. To make your trip as pleasant as possible, we provide you with some additional safety tips for your stay in Curaçao below.

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Curaçao Safety: What You Should Bear in Mind During Your Stay at the Beach

Due to the excellent sunny climate prevailing year-round on the Caribbean island, the beaches of Curaçao are a popular destination. Many tourists leave their valuables on their beach towels while swimming in the sea.

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To avoid this, it may be wise to split up when swimming so that part of the travel group always remains on the beach, keeping an eye on the valuables. However, if you are traveling alone or with just one other person, with whom you also want to enjoy cooling off in the water, this is not an option.

Therefore, we would recommend bringing only the most important valuables to the beaches. You can store the remaining valuables, if any, in the safe in your hotel room. It may also be helpful to only carry small valuables that can be better hidden in the beach bag*. Additionally, you should consider not making your phone, wallet, keys, & Co. directly visible.

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A creative idea would be to use special products designed for hiding valuables. These include, for example, brushes with removable caps* or water bottles* that can be unscrewed at the bottom. Since these items do not immediately look like valuables, they are usually not stolen at first sight. A great way to secure your valuables and outsmart thieves.

How Safe is Your Hotel in Curaçao?

If you have chosen to stay in a hotel, your room will probably be equipped with a safe – and many vacation rentals now also offer a small safe. You should use this to securely store particularly valuable items.

This also applies if you only leave the room for a short time. Alternatively, you can also hide your valuables in the hotel room in places where burglars would probably not expect them.

On the Road in Curaçao – Safety While Driving

To be as mobile as possible on the Caribbean island and to be able to explore beaches, national parks, and attractions at your own pace, many vacationers choose to rent a car for their stay. Always remember to lock your car – whether you’re making a short trip to the supermarket, parking your car for a shopping spree in the city, or leaving it in the parking lot at one of the many beaches.

It is also strongly recommended not to leave valuables in your car. At the very least, they should not be left visible in the car.

Occasionally, at deserted beaches, car windows are broken – especially if valuable items are visible on the seats. To avoid this, some locals and newcomers leave their windows open when they have no valuables in the car.

This way, they prevent their windows from being smashed in the first place. Especially at busy beaches, where potential burglars could be observed at any time, car break-ins are relatively rare.

Additional Tips for Safety in Curaçao

If you want to enjoy a safe vacation in Curaçao, there are some general tips to keep in mind. You should definitely carry a copy of the most important documents, such as your passport, insurance papers, and flight tickets. In case the original gets lost, you still have a backup copy with you.

A reassuring aspect for many vacationers is that there are no animals in Curaçao that are dangerous to humans. So you can explore the island’s diverse nature without worries.

The snake species native to the Caribbean island are harmless, so you don’t have to worry about a venomous bite. However, avoid walking barefoot or reaching into crevices. Scorpions could be present there, which can sting. The sting can be painful, but it is also not dangerous for humans.

Overall, Curaçao is a very safe island that offers tourists a carefree vacation experience. By taking general safety precautions and staying alert, you can enjoy a safe and relaxing break in Curaçao.

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