Animal Fun in Curaçao – Flamingos in The Wild

In the beautiful nature of Curaçao there are some flamingos in the water. In the background you can see numerous plants and a blue, slightly cloudy sky.

The pretty island in the middle of the Caribbean is not only known for its crystal-clear water, historical sights and white sandy beaches, but is also home to numerous animals. One particular highlight that you should not miss on your trip to Curaçao is the majestic flamingos. They live in various places on the island and can be observed from close up and from afar.

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Beautiful Flamingos in Curaçao at the Jan Kok Salt Pans

At the Jan Kok Saline you will find the Flamingo Sanctuary Sint Willibrordus. There you can go for a walk in a relaxed atmosphere and let nature cast its spell over you. Compared to some other spots on the island, you can get quite close to the flamingos here.

However, to avoid disturbing them in their natural habitat, you should keep to the distances indicated on the signs. If you have binoculars* with you, you can also watch the flamingos from the wooden footbridge.

You can already see the pink birds from the road from your rental car. A detour to Jan Kok Saline to see the pretty flamingos is therefore also worthwhile for holidaymakers who are not good walkers. Search FlightsImage

Water Birds in the Zoutpannen at Jan Thiel Beach

With a bit of luck, you can also spot some flamingos at the salt pans on Jan Thiel Beach. This is not only a popular excursion destination for animal lovers, but the region is also ideal for hiking tours. On the tour, you will not only encounter flamingos, but also other water birds and other native animal species.

The Zoutpannen used to be used for salt production, but are no longer used for this purpose. However, the continued special composition of the water ensures that it shines in shades of pink. Together with the flamingos that live there, it is a popular photo motif.

Symbolic image “Curaçao Flamingos”: A magnificent flamingo stands on the beach. The turquoise sea can be seen in the background.
Symbolic image “Curaçao Flamingos”: A cute flamingo walks along a beach.

Discover Flamingos in Curaçao at the Sint Michiel Salt Works

In the southwest of Curaçao, you will find another place where you can spot flamingos. In contrast to the other spots, this one is less well known. Therefore, you can usually expect far fewer tourists there.

The saltworks, where the wild flamingos live, is located in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve. You will probably need around two hours to walk around the entire salt lake. Conveniently, there is an adjacent main road in the immediate vicinity of the area where you can easily park.

Symbolic image “Curaçao Flamingos”: Many flamingos stand together in the turquoise water.

Guided Tours in Curaçao to Popular Flamingo Spots

If you are planning a longer excursion, we recommend a jeep tour along the northwest coast of Curaçao. In an open jeep with space for up to eight people, you will discover the impressive flora and fauna of the Caribbean island. You will make a stopover at the Boka Pistol, a breathtaking cave in the Shete Boka National Park.

You will also get to know the nature around the Jan Kok Salt Pans and observe the beautiful flamingos up close. The Suplado, a natural jacuzzi, which you will also visit on the tour, offers a special bathing experience.

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Interesting facts about flamingos

There are different species of flamingo, but they are all relatively similar. They can reach a proud age of up to 30 years and travel in large groups.

In addition to their long, curved beak, they are characterized above all by their pink plumage. The typical diet of flamingos includes algae, worms and crustaceans.

The pink pigments contained in the crustaceans are responsible for the coloration of the plumage. The birds’ favorite habitat is primarily salty lakes. With its numerous salt pans, Curaçao is therefore an absolute paradise for its animal inhabitants.

Symbolic image “Curaçao Flamingos”: A pretty flamingo stands in the water in the middle of nature.
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