Painting Chichi Dolls in Curaçao at Serena’s Art Factory

Symbolic image “Chichi Dolls Curaçao”: Pretty Chichi with white primer so that she can be painted in color in the next step.

If you want a unique memento from your trip to Curaçao, we recommend visiting Serena’s Art Factory. There you will have the opportunity to embellish your own Chichi Doll, a unique souvenir from Curaçao, which you can paint in a creative workshop according to your own ideas.

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What Are Chichi Dolls?

The word “Chichi” is Papiamentu, the language of the locals in Curaçao, and translates to “big sister”. It represents the eldest daughter of the family, who with her loving and caring nature, keeps the family tightly knit. The figure is known for her curvy shapes and her many different creative paintings. The vibrant colors used to decorate the Chichi Doll make this Caribbean figure an extraordinary keepsake.

When Do the Workshops to Paint the Chichi Dolls in Curaçao Take Place?

The workshop takes place twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM. During the workshop, you will receive a short tour of the Art Factory grounds. Afterwards, the creative part of the course begins. You can first choose a Chichi variant, which differ in size and position. Once you have chosen your favorite Chichi Doll, you will receive a brief introduction to the materials, brushes, and paints. Then you can start and begin designing your figure.

You can book a workshop to paint the Chichi Dolls online at There, you can schedule an appointment for group sizes of up to 12 people.

Interesting Facts About Serena’s Art Factory

You can find Serena’s Art Factory in the eastern part of Curaçao, near the famous Ostrich Farm. It is a souvenir shop where you can participate in workshops. Additionally, Serena creates new sculptures and restores such for private individuals, churches, and museums. The Chichi Dolls available in the souvenir shop are also made by Serena, with her team of trained locals taking care of the designs.

Serena originally hails from Berlin and sailed around the world in her self-made boat for four years before settling down in Curaçao in 2001. The multicultural flair, vibrant colors, and special hospitality captivated her right away. She began sharing her passion for design and art in art workshops. This was based on her professional experience as an art restorer, mold maker, artist, and art teacher. One of these workshops gave rise to the most extraordinary memento of Curaçao: the Chichi.

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